The ID Xpansion® clamp is the ideal way to hold multiple parts on an inside diameter for high density machining on vertical or horizontal machining centers. It can also be used as an expanding mandrel on a lathe.

These machinable clamps are produced in 12 sizes and can hold internal diameters from under 4.1mm to over 250.2mm.

The flange diameter of the clamp is held to a close tolerance for precision locating in a machined pocket on work cubes and fixture plates.

The customer machines the mild steel clamp to match the bore of the part ensuring a proper fit. Often times the clamps can be remachined for different size jobs.

One of the benefits of these low profile clamps is holding many lathe parts, for secondary machining, on one compact set up. They are quickly tightened with a hex key, torque driver or can be mated to hydraulic pull cylinders for automation.
  • Low Profile
  • Ideal for Secondary Operations on Lathe Parts
  • Easily Machined to Size on Lathe or Mill
  • Excellent for Palletized Setups
  • Allows More Parts Per Workcube or Fixture Plate
  • Heat-treated and Coated Screw for Long Life
  • Clamp Body Made of Mild Steel for Machinability
  • Tighten with Hex Key or Hydraulic Pull Cylinders/Speed Block
  • Longer Screws for Hydraulic Applications Available

Clamping mill parts on two bores.
  • Expand clamp approximately .0508mm to .0762mm over relaxed diameter and machine to fit workpiece bore, either on lathe or mill.
  • If machining the clamp on a lathe use the nut provided, on the back of the clamp, to tighten the tapered screw. This nut is used only while machining the clamp.
  • Machine a pocket, in the fixture, for the close tolerance “E” dimension and drill and tap mounting holes per “H” column. Drill and tap a hole from the “I” column in the center of the pocket for the tapered screw.
  • A recessed dowel pin may be installed into the flange for additional rigidity if required.
  • Range of expansion .013mm to .63mm depending upon size.

  • Locking ring provided to ensure segments remain rigid while machining clamps to size.
  • Insert ring and tighten drive screw, machine clamp to bore size. Remove ring to clamp workpiece.
  • Aggressive material removal is not recommended when machining clamps to size.