Modular XYZ Xpansion™ Pins

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Modular XYZ Xpansion™ Pins

Mitee-Bite Products releases the new Modular XYZ Xpansion™ Pins for Tombstone, Grid Plate and Fixture Plate applications. The unique, patent pending design provides accurate location, repeatability and high holding forces for securing parts on the inside diameter. The XYZ Pin provides “out of the way workholding” and accessibility to all work surfaces with absolutely no external clamping interference. The Threaded Pin is available in standard sizes of 1/2, 5/8, M12 and M16 for tombstones and grid plates. The Press Fit Pins are available in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, M6, M10, M12 and M16 diameters for custom applications. Both styles of the pins are manufactured from “heat treatable” 17-4PH stainless steel. The Press Fit Pins are now also available in 12L14 mild steel. The Pins expand up to 0.030″ (0.7mm) and the diameter can be machined for specific applications. The top of the Pins have a slight taper creating maximum line contact in bore and provides clearance during load/unload. Designed for quick set-ups on secondary operations, material coming off prep stations, water-jets or even applications outside of your machining centers!

Threaded Pins

Threaded XYZ Pins (in 17-4PH) incorporate an internal rotary broached hex for simple installation and removal from a tombstone, grid plate or fixture plate. Threaded Pins may be installed in a drilled and reamed hole for precise location or set in a hardened drill bushing for additional strength and wear resistance. To install a Threaded XYZ Pin in a precision bore, drill/tap accordingly and ream the hole over the nominal diameter minimum of +0.0001 to +0.0005″. (+.003 to +0.013mm)

Threaded Pins

Part No. Description A B C D F (+/-) .000/.001″(.000/.025mm) G* Replacement Tapered Screw
31850 CAD Threaded 1/2-13 1.625″ 0.60″ 0.53″ 0.50″ .500″ .0.413″ 31010
38850 CAD Threaded M12x1.75 40mm 15mm 13mm 12.00mm 12.00mm 10.5mm 38010
31860 CAD Threaded 5/8-11 1.875″ 0.62″ 0.62″ 0.62″ .625″ .472″ 31020
38860 CAD Threaded M16x2.0 45mm 16mm 13mm 16.00mm 16.00mm 12mm 38020
*G – Minimum diameter pin can be machined or turned down to
** Torque of pin body needs to exceed torque of tapered screw
Tapered screw included with pin


All sizes available in both
17-4PH and 12L14

Press Fit Pins

Pins are intended for press fit or close tolerance removable slide fit applications. Install in a precision bore or a bushing with the center threaded for the Tapered screw. If precise location is not necessary, pin can be used on top of fixture plate. An accessory kit is available to make Installation and Removal (I/R) of the XYZ Pins quick and easy.

Note: If recessing pin into fixture beyond slits be sure to provide clearance for expanding segments.

Press Fit Pins

17-4PH Part No. 12LH Part No. Description A B C D E F(+/-) .000/.001″(.000/.025mm) G* Repl. Tapered Screw Installation/
(I/R) Tool Set**
31730 31630 CAD Press Fit 1/4″ .500″ 0.27″ .29″ .23″ 5-40 .250″ .219″ 31731S 31720
38730 38630 CAD Press Fit 6mm 13mm 7mm 7.3mm 5.8mm M3x.5 6.00mm 5.5mm 38731S 38720
31740 31640 CAD Press Fit 3/8″ .750″ 0.50″ .33″ 0.25″ 8-32 0.375″ 0.281″ 31002S 31721
38740 38640 CAD Press Fit 10mm 19mm 12.7mm 8.4mm 6.35mm M4x.7 10.00mm 7.5mm 38002S 38721
31750 31650 CAD Press Fit 1/2″ .750″ 0.50″ .45″ 0.25″ 1/4-20 .500″ 0.413″ 31010S 31722
38750 38650 CAD Press Fit 12mm 19mm 12.7mm 11.1mm 6.35mm M6x1.0 12.00mm 10.5mm 38010S 38722
31760 31660 CAD Press Fit 5/8″ .750″ 0.50″ .52″ 0.25″ 5/16-18 .625″ 0.472″ 31020S 31723
38760 38660 CAD Press Fit 16mm 19mm 12.7mm 13mm 6.35mm M8x1.25 16.00mm 12mm 38020S 38723
*G – Minimum diameter pin can be machined or turned down to
** Set includes screws (2) SHCS
Tapered Screw included with pin

Press Fit Installation

Place Pin in prepared bore, place I/R Tool over pin as shown. Using the
smaller socket head cap screw (SHCS) provided, thread into fixture to
evenly draw down pin. Remove SHCS and replace with Tapered screw
when ready to use.

Press Fit Removal

Place the I/R Tool over the clamp as shown.Thread the larger SHCS
into the “internal threads” of the Pin and tighten the screw to
extract the Pin.

Note: It is recommended to fit Pin with a drill bushing when the
Pin must be frequently removed. Or drill and ream the bore hole over
the nominal diameter minimum of +0.0001 to +0.0005″ (+0.003 to +0.013mm)

PATENT PENDING #62/254,456


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