The X-Plate™ System

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The X-Plate™ System

  • Designed for 3, 4 and 5 axis machining
  • Easily mounts to faceplate, machine table, vise and sub-plates
  • Modular Clamps designed around 6,000 lb. Pitbull® Clamps (Option 1, 2, 3)
  • Designed to hold round or square material, fixed and modular (Option 1, 2, 3)
  • 82mm square bolt hole pattern for popular ZPS (Option 4)
  • 3.800″ BHC designed for Raptor™ Dovetail Fixtures (Option 5)
  • Hard stop for locating in vise (Option 6)
  • Quick Change Pallet utilizing our Diamond/Taper Pins and Loc-Down® Clamps (Option 6)
  • Precision bores on bottom for repeatable positioning on sub-plates
  • Fixed locations for Talon/VersaGrips™ providing known datums
  • Fixed “soft-Jaw” mounted in TalonGrip™ slot
  • Precision ground 4140


    X-Plate™ Base

    Part No. Description
    14682 CAD X-Plate™ Base (6″x6″)
    Includes clocking key and mounting screws

    Clamp and Grip Bases

    Part No. Description
    14620 CAD Flush Clamp Base for Pitbull® (2/pk)
    14625 CAD Flush Clamp Base for TalonGrip™ (2/pk)
    14630 CAD Flush Clamp Base for VersaGrip™ (2/pk)
    14621 CAD Elevated Clamp Base* for Pitbull® (2/pk)
    14626 CAD Elevated Clamp Base* for TalonGrip™ (2/pk)
    14631 CAD Elevated Clamp Base* for VersaGrip™ (2/pk)

    Includes mounting screws.
    *Elevated bases require Dovetail T-nuts (PN 14615)


    Clamps and Grips

    Part No. Description
    56070 CAD Pitbull® Knife Edge Clamp (4/pk)
    56075 CAD Pitbull® Blunt Edge Clamp (4/pk)
    56077 CAD Pitbull® Machinable Clamp (4/pk)
    33150 CAD TalonGrip™ 1″x1″ Fixture Grip
    33050 CAD TalonGrip™ .500″ wide Fixture Grip (2/pk)
    32175 CAD VersaGrip™ 3/4″ Vise Jaw Grip (2/pk)


    Centering Disk and Clocking Key

    Part No. Description
    14605 CAD 1.5″ Centering Disk
    14606 CAD 2″ Centering Disk
    14607 CAD 1.25″-1.5″ Centering Disk Adapter
    14610 CAD X-Plate™ Clocking Key
    Includes mounting screws.


    T-Nuts for X-Plate™ and Faceplates

    Part No. Description
    14615 CAD Dovetail T-nut M10 for X-Plate™ (2/pk)
    25748 CAD M10x14mm with Spring Clip for Faceplate


    Loc-Down® and Diamond/Taper Pins

    Part No. Description
    11612 CAD M12 Loc-Down® Clamp
    51000 CAD Set of Diamond/Taper Pins with M4 Screws
    45070 CAD Liners for Custom Pallets (2/pk)


    Please contact TE-CO WORKHOLDING for more information on these two product lines – 800-543-4071



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