Customer Testimonials

"#5axis tombstone milling. In production 16 pieces in 1 run, complete finished.
Miteebite had the perfect solution for this set-up!"

- dutch_cnc, Instagram

" I was impressed I held this block with four #miteebite clamps and it did not move cool stuff."

- metal_work_views, Instagram

"Love getting completed parts after the beep. thanks Mitee-Bite for coming up with good fixture clamps"

- steelnstyle, Instagram

"It's amazing how much you can save when you run fixtures with a high part density. Especially on older machines that have horribly slow tool changes. pitbulls and uniforce clamps saved us a ton of time on our parts in tool changes alone."

- arsonmachine, Instagram

"for aluminum, we use the knife edge miteebites and .060 are bomber. We use the flat for steel. They are impressive for their size and are easy to load."

- springer_precision, Instagram

"@miteebite can't wait to use them!! American made, right price, can't go wrong!"

- kskmachineandmetal, Instagram

"You guys have a fantastic product line.
I look forward to your emails to see the next cool thing you guys come up with"

- Joseph P. Szczap, FLUID AIR

"Assembled a fixture using @miteebite pitbull clamps for a job we get often for 300 pcs at a times. We use to do these one at a time, no more! "

- jcmfginc, Instagram

"HEM milling with a custom fixture block using #miteebite pitbull clamps for the win. Wasn't sure if they could handle it but there is zero lift on the parts."

- widgetworksmfg, Instagram

"Endmill blew up on this stainless, but the #miteebite talon grips did not let go of that 0.060" grip action"

- motiveprecision, Instagram

"These #MiteeBite #TalonGrips are amazing. Holding this material with .055" of grip and pulling a 1/2"EM Full Immersion, 220ipm, 9800rpm and .35DOC."

- proto_dyne, Instagram

"Using these @miteebite Talon Grip jaws to get some hot rod parts out to a customer! We strongly recommend these to anyone in the industry! "

- straightlinecnc, Instagram

"Mitee bite clamps work awesome for holding work in place! "

- samscot32, Instagram

"I do a lot of turnkeys for Gosiger on the Okuma’s and a lot of times I design the fixturing and have found Miteebite fixturing clamps makes my job sooo much easier! "

- Jacob Schaefer, Gosiger

"I use those ID expansion clamps from Mitee Bite on one of my jobs - they work great."

- SRT Mike, Practical Machinist

"I have 4 miteebite id clamps on our horizontal right now. No complaints whats so ever."

- Jvangelder, Practical Machinist

"We received the new kit today and it works AWESOME! I just wanted to say thank you for helping us out and showing us the other products that go along with this kit!!!!"

- Ben Vande Hoef, C&M Machine Holding Inc

"Talon jaws are the $@#t. just need .09" to hold on too and to this day haven't ejected any parts... Good low profile jaw stops too. "

- Rstewart, Practical Machinist

"Thank you very much, this is a great help in finishing up this job. Mitee-Bite Rules!!!!"

- Robert Quintero, Millpro Precision Machining

"Clamps work fantastic. parts are held rock solid."

- Bristan geriene, Jemco

"I would like to also recommend the MiteeBite Talon-grip jaws. They are awesome. I don't know how I used to get by without them."

- Wheelieking71, Practical Machinist

"I just got them and first time using them. They are Mitee Bite t-slot clamps. I will have to say they are fantastic.. They hold really well, quick lock down.. And, they are low profile so I can face the whole plate."

- Deere2210, The Garage Journal

"We use the pitbulls (into aluminum) and hang off of the fixture plate ~5.75", and regularly put the spindle load at 90%+ roughing with a 2" face mill on our Mazak Horizontal, so they have quite a bit of holding power."

- Steve in AZ, Practical Machinist

"(We have 2 Haas VF3 machines, one with 2 pallets and the second machine with 4 pallets) we will be able to make the parts cheaper than China can."

- Tom Mueller, Inova Geo

"I use the pits and the Uniforce. The pits will hold superman to the ground."

- Alloy McGraw, Practical Machinist

"There was just no other way to conveniently fixture the parts without distortion."

- Joe Martin, Warren Tech

"Prior to Mitee-Bite, Operators had to run machines on evenings and weekends to keep up with demand, where as operators now only need to work 8-hour shifts Monday through Friday."

- DJ Paulson, Straitline Components

"I use the Talon Grips, and the blunt edge Pitbulls. Both are easily worth the price. I have a lot of them, and never ripped a part out of their hold yet."

- Alloy McGraw, Practical Machinist

"The parts have .020 inch radius on all edges. The Pitbull clamps just contact the very edge (radius) of the part. You cannot see where the clamp touches the part. We went from about four minutes each, to about 20 seconds each."

- 3T3D, Practical Machinist

"We wouldn't be able to produce the number of parts per day without very dense fixturing unless we had more machines."

- DJ Paulson, Straitline Components

"We found we could push the Mitee-Bite setup as hard as we wanted without the part shifting in the fixture."

- DJ Paulson, Straitline Components

"With the new Mitee-Bites, we're just flying through the material."

- Anonymous, Anonymous

"Here's some Pit Bulls, They are the 1" clamps with the knife edge. Man do these things clamp."

- David N, Practical Machinist

"Running a 1 inch diameter cutter at 14,000 rpm can feed at 250 ipm with a .375 DOC using 1/4-20 Pitbulls vs. 100 ipm and .100 DOC using vises. (Gripping on .090 inch of material)."

- DJ Paulson, Straitline Components

"I use Uniforce clamps and Pitbull clamps fairly ofter. I mainly use the Pitbulls for hogging because of there massive holding power."

- Alliancefab, Practical Machinist

"we now use the 1/4-20 pitbulls in most cases. I use these clamps all over the place - it's one of the best designs I've ever seen for workholding. "

- Dave Rocks, Practical Machinist

"We use Mitee-Grip Mesh all the time for machining Quartz don't know how we would manage without it. "

- Jim,

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