Talongrip™ Long Length Serrated Grip

Measurements Available:


You asked for them, you got ‘em!

The TalonGrip™ Long Length Serrated Grips are now available. These new grips are designed as a “drop fit” into our original TalonGrip™ Jaw Sets or for use on a fixture, with a gripping height range of .050 – .160″. For applications where specific grip location is not necessary or higher and full length penetration is desired. Made from S7, heat-treated and finished with a black oxide coating. We also laser engraved each grip with a 10mm scale for reference on repeatable part placement.




Part No. Description A (metric) B (metric) C (metric) D (metric) Grip. Height/
E (metric)
Fits Jaw Set Per Pack
33052 CAD Talongrip™ Long Length
Serrated Grip*
.050″ -.160″
(1.27 – 4.06mm)
32088 2/pk
33054 CAD Talongrip™ Long Length
Serrated Grip*
.050″ -.125″
(1.27 – 3.17mm)
32044/32068 2/pk
33056 CAD Talongrip™ Long Length
Serrated Grip*
.050″ -.125″
(1.27 – 3.17mm)
32066 2/pk

*10-32×1/2 and M5x12 screws provided. Due to the similar thread pitch on both of these screws, either may be used in M5 threaded holes
as long as they do not exceed 1” (25mm) in length. The 10-32 seats better in the gripper rail and is less likely to bind during removal.


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