Fixture Calculator

Fixture Calculator

CNCCookbook Fixture Calculator

Use this fixture calculator to determine if you’ll save with a custom workholding fixture. Compare two scenarios on the left and right.

Fixture A
Fixture B
Build Time (Hours)
Setup Fixture (Mins)
Unload/Load Fixture (Mins)
Parts Per Run
Part Run Time (Mins)
Fixture Run Time (Mins)
Total Parts to Make
Total Runs
Total Machining Time (Mins)
Total Machining Time + Setup (Mins)
Total Machining Time + Setup + Build (Mins)
Total Operator Loading Time (Mins)
Total Time Savings (Mins)
Total Load Time Savings (Mins)
Hourly Billing Rate
Total Cost Savings (ROI)


Repeat Run Click to set Build Time to zero. On repeat runs, the fixture already exists.
Fixture Plate Click to reduce Setup Time to 1 minute. With a fixture plate, we’re dropping onto pins.
Palette Changer Click to reduce Unload/Load time on Fixture B to 30 seconds.
Build Time The length of time it will take to build the fixture
Setup Fixture The time needed to setup the fixture on the machine so it’s ready to use
Unload/Load Fixture The time needed to load material into the fixture and remove parts for the next run
Parts per Run Number of parts the fixture produces per run
Part Run Time Length of time to finish a single part on a run
Fixture Run Time Time to finish all the parts in the fixture on a single run
Total Parts to Make Total parts that will be made before the fixture is removed
Total Runs Number of runs required to make all the parts
Total Machining Time Total time to machine all runs
Total Machining Time + Setup + Build Overall time for the job
Total Operator Loading Time Time the operator will spend loading and unloading
Total Time Savings Total savings of Fixture versus the other fixture
Total Load Time Savings Total load time savings of Fixture versus the other fixture
Hourly Billing Rate The hourly rate you charge for the job. Need to calculate your Machine Hourly Rate? Try this CNC Machine Hourly Cost Calculator.
Total Cost Savings (ROI) Based on the time savings and hourly rate, this is your total cost savings. It’s basically the ROI of Fixture B over Fixture A.
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Fixture Productivity Tips

  • Reduce labor costs through longer cycle times with high-density fixtures. Longer cycles allows operators to run additional machines or perform other tasks.
  • Using this calculator will identify how much more quickly you can move jobs through your machines. Moving jobs quickly means increased capacity without increasing machinery or employees.
  • Tool changes are reduced with more parts on the table as each tool goes through every part before changing to the next tool. This saves additional time and reduces wear and tear on your machinery.
  • Creative fixture designs and methods can also reduce the number of operations needed to make a part.
  • Machine idle time can be drastically reduced by loading and unloading fixtures offline while the machine makes chips.

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