Scratch & Dent Sale!

Items on the Scratch & Dent page are fully functional, cosmetic issues prevent us from selling to customers through distribution. If any item has significant tooling damage we will post pictures. We will not sell any items that will not perform as advertised. Please email [email protected] if additional questions or pictures of listed product is necessary. All items listed below will be updated frequently to give you the most up to date information on product available on this page. These items may be ordered directly from Mitee-Bite with 20% of list price!

– Vise Pallets. Vise Pallets
– Multi Fixture Clamps. Multi-Fixture Clamps
– T-Slot Toe Clamps. T-Slot Toe Clamps
– TalonGrip Vise Jaws. TalonGrip Vise Jaws
– VersaGrip Vise Jaws. VersaGrip Vise Jaws
– Compact Toe Clamps. Compact Toe Clamps
– Sliding Stop & Spring Loc. Sliding Stop & Spring Loc
– Locating Rails. Locating Rails
– Modular Pitbull Clamps. Modular Pitbull Clamps
– Lathe Manual Actuators. Manual Actuators
– Mitee-Grip Mitee-Grip

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