Mitee-Grip GEN II

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Mitee-Grip GEN II

The next generation in low temp wax workholding has arrived. Prior to these new compounds some materials were next to impossible to secure to withstand machining forces especially phenolic, glass, honeycomb and most plastics.

Our testing identifies the Red and Blue being best for hard to hold materials producing over 10x the holding force as our original wax and the White with similar properties with more than double the holding force. Red and White application temperature of 130ºF, Blue 170ºF. This is the transition temp from solid to liquid, higher temperatures can be used to speed up your process however we recommend you test your application retention force prior to machining. Do not exceed 350ºF.

Part No. Color Application Temperature Holding Force Hardness Qty
10230W White 130℉ 150 Psi 40 Shore A (med. soft) (5) 3 oz. sticks
10230R Red 130F 300 Psi 10 Shore D (med. hard) (5) 3 oz. sticks
10230B Blue 170F 400 Psi 20 Shore D (med. hard) (5) 3 oz. sticks



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