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Mitee Grip

Mitee Grip™

Mitee-Grip is a heat-activated wax-based compound embedded in precision paper, coated on nylon mesh or in a stick form. This holding media maintains parallelism on precision parts. Mitee-Grip™ is very useful when machining thin part, micro machining, optical and quartz components and jewelry related items. Also allows machining on five sides of a workpiece without using a clamp.

The original paper product is excellent for holding smooth, flat parts and maintaining parallelism.

The mesh product captures additional wax material in the web and aides in holding irregular shaped parts. Typically, additional holding force can be attained with this material.

The stick form material can be used in shallow cavities for holding concave, convex and flimsy parts.



Step 1.

Place the Mitee-Grip™ sheet on the subplate leaving a 1/4" border on all sides, or melt stick on warm subplate.

Part Number Description Size
10240 Paper Roll 12" X 5′ (305×1524)
10245 Paper Roll 12" X 25′ (305×7620)
10250 Mesh Roll 10" X 5′ (254×1254)
10252 Mesh Roll 10" X 25′ (254×7620)
10230 Compound 1 Stick
10235 Compound 3 Sticks

Step 2.

In some cases the part should be lightly clamped to prevent movement. NOTE: Over large thin workpieces use a top plate for even pressure.

Step 3.

225°F is application temperature and fully liquid, 186°F is solid and becoming liquid. Some customers use an oven and record time and temp once determined by experimentation. A hot plate may also be used at higher temps if monitored. Most parts will "float" when the Mitee-Grip™ has liquefied.

Step 4.

Use air or water to cool, being careful to prevent water from going between subplate and workpiece while hot.

Step 5.

Part is ready, use coolant while machining. Reheat to remove. We have found an ultrasonic cleaner is best to remove wax residue or simply wipe part while warm using alcohol-based cleaner.


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