Loc-Jaw® System

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Loc-Jaw® System

The Loc-Jaw® system was conceived to simplify, and allow greater tooling access and more versatility securing your parts when 4th and 5th axis machining. Designed to hold raw stock without a pre-op using the carrier method, penetrating material using the Knife-edge grippers or holding machined surfaces with the Blunt-edge grippers installed.

  • Unique design allows access to bottom of workpiece
  • Ability to hold parts from .500″ to 4.00″ or up to 1 Meter with optional extension kit
  • 6,000+ lbs of holding force gripping on only .125″ of material
  • Knife-Edge grippers designed to penetrate into material up to .060″ deep. Blunt Edge Grippers are also included for non-marring applications. All grippers heat treated A2.
  • Centering Disk included for Loc-Jaw® base
  • Set of locating pins included. (Liners installed in base)
  • Blunt-edge grippers with #2 or #3 grit carbinite coating are recommended for high speed machining on hard alloys

Using Extension Kit

PATENT #9,216,484

Holding Force
10 2,000
15 3,000
20 4,000
25 5,000
30 6,000

*Max torque of 25 f. lbs.
using Knife Edge grippers
on material > 40Rc due to
point contact.

14500 Loc-Jaw® System
Ships fully assembled with all tools required
14525 Loc-Jaw® Extension Kit
Includes base plate with rails, threaded rod 1 meter long, and
locking nut with spacer


Replacement Parts

14501 Loc-Jaw® Support Bolt #1 (M10 x 45mm)
14502 Loc-Jaw® Support Bolt #2 (M10 x 65mm)
14503 Loc-Jaw® Support Bolt #3 (M10 x 90mm)
14504 Loc-Jaw® Support Bolt #4 (M10 x 110mm)
14505 Loc-Jaw® Knife Edge Grippers (2 per pack)
14506 Loc-Jaw® Blunt Edge Grippers (2 per pack)
14510 Loc-Jaw® Knife Edge Jaw Set – Includes 2 Jaws, 4 Grips, Screws
14515 Loc-Jaw® Blunt Edge Jaw Set includes 2 jaws, 4 grips, screws
14520 Loc-Jaw® Rail Set – includes 4 rails, Screws, Dowel Pins


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