Modular In-Line Clamping System

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Modular In-Line Clamping System

Mitee-Bite announces the addition of our popular fixture clamps in a modular system. Clamps, grips and stops, designed to be fully adjustable while mounted on T-Slot tables and grid plates.This system is designed around our Pitbull® Clamp which remains the strongest, lowest profile fixture clamp in the industry. Producing over 6,000 pounds of force. Available with Knife-Edge, Blunt-Edge or Machinable faces to suit your applications, all producing positive downforce. Low-profile stops and grippers incorporated into design for less tooling interference and savings on material cost. These modular clamps and stops are ground to the same height as our Large Modular Pitbull® Clamp providing even greater versatility.

  • Stops with TalonGrip™ or VersaGrip™ to hold both rectangular and irregular/round shapes.
  • Mount with your existing T-nut directly to your work table, or mount to grid plate using our Tungsten Carbide faced high grip T-Nuts, 16″ Long T-Nut Rail, or fasten directly to table using socket head cap screw.
  • Height of gripper can be adjusted by depth of slot or bore.
Part No. Description A B C D E
41125 Inline Stop with Versagrip™ 75mm/2.952″ 25.4mm/1.00″ 35.0mm/1.378″ 50mm/1.97″ N/A
41135 Inline Stop with Talongrip™ 75mm/2.952″ 25.4mm/1.00″ 35.0mm/1.378″ 50mm/1.97″ N/A
41225 Inline Clamp with Pitbull KNIFE EDGE 75mm/2.952″ 25.4mm/1.00″ 35.0mm/1.378″ 50mm/1.97″ 6.4mm/.25″
41226 Inline Clamp with Pitbull BLUNT EDGE 75mm/2.952″ 25.4mm/1.00″ 35.0mm/1.378″ 50mm/1.97″ 6.4mm/.25″
41227 Inline Clamp with Pitbull MACHINABLE 75mm/2.952″ 25.4mm/1.00″ 35.0mm/1.378″ 50mm/1.97″ 6.4mm/.25″

High Grip, Medium Grit,
Tungsten Carbide Coated T-Nuts

Part No. Description T-slot Size
41014 Carbide coated T-nut set (2/pk) 14mm
41016 Carbide coated T-nut set (2/pk) 16mm
41018 Carbide coated T-nut set (2/pk) 18mm
32175 Versagrip™ grips with M5 screws (2/pk) M5x10mm SHCS
33150 Talongrip™ grips with M8 screws M8x16mm SHCS
56070 Pitbull® M10 Knife-Edge (4/pk) M10x25mm SHCS
56075 Pitbull® M10 Blunt-Edge (4/pk) M10x25mm SHCS
56077 Pitbull® M10 Machinable (4/pk) M10x25mm SHCS

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